Clearance Stock

What is Clearance Stock? 

These are new, old-stock items that have been in storage for some time and now released from the darkness for sale to you. All of the clearance items are brand-new, unused and have a full warranty and of course include technical support. 

The packaging may not be 100% perfect, the labels may be a little faded, the cardboard box may have some creases on it - but due to these factors the price has been reduced to sell. Here's a couple of examples:


The labels are faded, that speaker has been sitting around for a while - but they're all good and ready to use. I wouldn't sell you anything that I wouldn't use myself, and upon receiving a clearance item - if you have a problem with the condition, let me know. 

Please note one very important point - clearance items are sold at low prices for a fast sale. If I run out and you need more - I can get more for you, however the pricing (although competitive) will be more than the original discount clearance items. 

However in general, the clearance stock is a a win-win, I clear out some parts and you save money on some quality items. And if you're still not sure, you can ask for photos of what you're about to order to double-check the condition of any product. Just ask. 

- John.