Learn Microchip AVR Programming with “AVR Workshop A Hands-On Introduction with 60 Projects”

Posted by John Boxall on 17th Oct 2022

After many years working with and teaching others about the Arduino development platform, it became apparent that there needed to be a useful guide to get people started in the world of AVR microcontrollers – used in Arduino and other development environments. The great people at No Starch Press agreed and we are now proud to have published "AVR Workshop - A Hands-on Introduction with 60 Projects".

AVR Workshop is written for several groups of people:

  • Those of you who have used an Arduino but now want to learn how to harness the underlying AVR microcontrollers without the layer of Arduino abstraction.
  • Anyone interested in electronics and wanting to start with using microcontrollers.
  • Students who are going to learn how to use AVR microcontrollers in their coursework.
  • People tasked with making devices based around 8-bit AVR microcontrollers and don’t know where to start
  • AVR users who would like a neat reference on using popular devices with their microcontrollers and don’t have all day to scour the Internet for tested, quality resources.
  • You. Yes, you. Learning is for a lifetime, so why not get started with the world of electronics and microcontrollers? Or give a copy to someone who enjoys learning about technology?

Anyone can use this book. You don’t need any previous experience in electronics, programming, or making things. AVR Workshop will take you step-by-step from the beginning including installation of the required software, explain electronics when required, teach you the required coding and walk you through examples including sixty projects enabling you to harness popular 8-bit Microchip AVR microcontrollers.

Once you’ve worked through the book – you will have the knowledge, experience and confidence to branch out on your own and build complex projects, work with other Microchip AVR microcontrollers – and find success in this fascinating field. You will also have a useful reference tool that you can refer to when making your own devices.

Unlike other books or resources found online, I don’t hide any details from you in order to simplify things. Important functions aren’t hidden away in software libraries – instead you’ll learn how to control the microcontroller down to the register level to control all sorts of useful devices. Instead of relying on others – you’ll learn how to write your own libraries, so you can make your own parts and devices easier to work with.

You don’t need to spend a fortune, in fact I’ve written AVR Workshop to be as economical as possible for you, the reader. The required software is small, free to download and can operate on Linux, MacOS or Windows using machines that date back almost ten years. You don’t need any cloud-based tools or the latest i7 or M2-based computer… almost any will do.

AVR Workshop is printed using a convenient lie-flat technology, so you can have the book open to your side and not worry about the pages flapping about and losing your position while working on your projects. All the required code is included in the book, however you can also download them along with a list of parts and supplier information from the book’s website.

The Microchip AVR series of 8-bit microcontrollers are, in my opinion, an inexpensive and most approachable way of learning about electronics and microcontrollers – and open up a whole new world of creativity or even the pathway to a career in technology. A copy of AVR Workshop is the best guide to start anyone in this world.

To learn more about AVR Workshop, you can review the table of contents, download a sample chapter, code and parts list and order copies for yourself and others from the No Starch Press online store. Orders from No Starch Press also include a free electronic copy so you can get started immediately.

Readers in Australia can order directly from the Tronixlabs store. You can also purchase copies from amazon, kindle, or your preferred bookseller. 

And whatever you do, have fun and make something!