Terms and Conditions

Business life isn't simple so we need to have a set of Terms and Conditions. You agree to all of these when placing an order. 

0. Use of products

Tronixlabs products or services are not authorised for use in life support systems, life sustaining systems, human implantation, nuclear facilities or any other application where product or service failure could lead to personal injury, loss of life or significant property damage.

1. Shipping and Delivery

We pack all shipments to deal with the rigours of domestic and international delivery, however once the shipment has been lodged with Australia Post or your nominated carrier the onus is on the carrier or yourself for any damage to the shipment or non-delivery.

You understand and agree that Tronixlabs Pty Ltd, including its directors, employees, servants or agents can not be held responsible for missing, damaged or non-delivered parcels.

We cannot control the shenanigans of Australia Post and other external variables that affect the time to deliver your order. Shipping and delivery times are devised from our best estimates, however can vary and you agree to accept any possible delay when placing an order.

All shipments comply with PayPal seller and buyer protection policies.

Once Australia Post has scanned your parcel as "Delivered" or "Delivered with Safe Drop" - it is considered to be delivered. You understand and agree that there is no compensation nor insurance available for deliveries that have gone missing once delivered.

Delivery couriers including mail contractors and Australia Post employees do not ring mobile or phone numbers to confirm deliveries.

From 01/07/2018 we no longer offer the $5 flat-rate postage option. Any mention of this in previous communications or information published by Tronixlabs Pty Ltd in any medium is now void.

1a. No drop-shipping

We do not drop-ship. If you are on-selling items from us, we will deliver them to you - then you will send them to your end customer. You are responsible for warranty and customer service to your end customer.

1b. Unofficial resale of goods

We don't have resellers. If you purchase something from us and sell it to another entity, you are responsible for dealing with your customer as usual under Australian consumer law. 

2. Continuity of Supply

We cannot control the supply and demand of products in the market, and thus we do not guarantee continuity of supply. However, if you are considering manufacturing a product and it contains an item from Tronixlabs - CONTACT US FIRST so we can discuss product availability, lead times, packaging types, and also volume pricing. Simply email support@tronixlabs.com with your requirements.

3. Discussion of Time

Times are always estimates... we cannot control external factors which cause deliveries to be late, and you accept this by placing an order. Our time zone is Brisbane, Australian Eastern Time - and all times quoted (for example 3pm) are times in Brisbane.

4. Website and Information Content and Disclaimer

All possible care is taken in preparing the information presented on our website. The content provided is subject to change without prior notice and against our best efforts may contain inaccuracies. Tronixlabs Pty Ltd will not be held liable in any way for any errors or omissions and losses from their use with regards to information described or products sold within tronixlabs.com or any other platform - this also includes information given by us to you through via any medium - including electronic form, in written form, in person or via any other means of communication.

Products may vary from time to time and thus there is a chance the product details or specifications including images, video, colour, or look may differ from the actual product. If you are unsure about a product, contact us and we'll be more than happy to double-check anything for you.

5. Payment

All orders need to have cleared payment before being sent, except for educational purchase orders. 

6. Warranty

We stand behind the products we sell, and all items include either a manufacturer's warranty or one provided by Tronixlabs Pty Ltd. The warranty information varies for each product, and can be found on each product page - or if blank is ninety days from date of delivery.

To start a warranty claim, email support@tronixlabs.com. If an exchange is required, you will bear the cost of returning the item to us, and we will pay to deliver the replacement item to you. In some cases we will not require the return of a faulty item, and will instead request a photograph of the item after being destroyed by you.

Please note - the warranty of some products such as semiconductors and electronics kits is void once construction or use has started, as we cannot give a warranty on the user's workmanship or understanding of component use. If in doubt, seek support before using a product.

For domestic sales our products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian consumer law.

7. Electronics Kit Warranty

All parts supplied in a Tronixlabs kit are of a high quality and covered by our normal warranty. However due to the nature of an electronics kit - that is, you're constructing it using permanent methods such as soldering, cutting, drilling, etc., we can't place a guarantee on your workmanship. So once you have started building a kit, the warranty is void.

If you open a kit and decide that it isn't for you, it can be returned for a refund in full (less postage) provided all the parts are returned in a new, unused state.

8. "Sorry John, it doesn't work" Kit Service

For electronic kits purchased from Tronixlabs - we offer a service which helps you resuscitate kits from the dead. If you build a kit and to the best of your efforts you can't get it to work, you can post it to us and we'll do our best to fix it for you. The cost to you is postage in both directions and any parts required for the repair. This will involve a turn-around time of seven to ten working days. If we feel that the kit is beyond repair we will post it back to you at no charge. To enquire about this service please email support@tronixlabs.com.

9. Incomplete or incorrect orders

If something is wrong with your order, for example an item is missing or incorrect - we will accept claims for rectification up to seven days after the day of delivery.

10. Delivery Times

We are not responsible for, or able to control the delivery time between our suppliers and Tronixlabs, nor the time taken to deliver your parcel once lodged with Australia Post or your nominated carrier. We do not offer compensation for late delivery of your order. All promised delivery times are subject to external conditions of which we cannot control, and thus we are not responsible for late delivery of your goods.

11. Orders are Final

We do not offer "change of mind" returns or order cancellations once payment has been received. We'd rather you had the right thing first time - so if you're not sure about something contact us before making an order.

12. Order Cancellation

Due to a couple of troublemakers, we reserve the right to decline to trade with any company or person or entity for any reason as we see fit, without giving any reason. If payment was made via bank deposit, we will send a money order to your supplied address for the full amount of the sale less the cost of registered mail and money order fees at our leisure. If payment was made using other means, we will reverse the payment at our leisure less any payment processing fees. 

13. Legal Jurisdiction

Tronixlabs operates in the State of Queensland, Commonwealth of Australia and thus operates under the laws and regulations of Queensland. Any legal disputes will be heard in courts or tribunals in the state of Queensland and under the laws and regulations of Queensland.

14. Limited Liability

We expressly disclaim all liability for product or information defects or errors and any effects, damage or loss that they may cause you. We do not accept any liability for your loss exceeding the legal requirements of Australian consumer law which is the repair, replacement or refund for goods purchased. You use products and information provided at your own risk. We are not liable for any damaged caused by anything to anyone. 

15. Product Certification

We make no promises about, nor offer any certification for any product sold by Tronixlabs Pty Ltd. Some items may be RoHS compliant, however if you are unsure please ask us (via support@tronixlabs.com) before purchasing items in question.

16. Complaints

If you have a genuine complaint or a problem has not been resolved - send a concise email to the company director John Boxall via john at tronixlabs dot com. We do not reply to complaints on social media or any other medium, and any request to do so will be directed to the email above.

17. Privacy

You can view our privacy policy here

Our terms and conditions were last updated on the 19th April, 2022.